Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're Back!

Ok, I'm the first to admit this blog has been pretty inactive! But I'm going to try to show signs of life every week, as well as get some players and guest bloggers to share their thoughts.

The Miami Sharks return to USCL action with another strong team this year. Because of some rating and roster changes, our two most successful lineups from last year (Becerra-Lopez-low 2300-Rodriguez, Becerra-Lopez-Perea-Prilleltensky) are unavailable this time around. Osmany Perea will be especially missed on Board 3; he was a nightmare pairing for our opponents. I (Matan) will also feature much less; if I play at all, it will be as an alternate.

However, we have been strengthened with some new faces: NM Ernesto Alvarez and expert Miguel Recio are USCL newcomers, while IM Alejandro Moreno Roman returns after his absence last year. Our spine from last year (Two-time MVP Becerra+Bruci Lopez) is still intact, and IMs Marcel Martinez and Blas Lugo add considerable strength and flexibility. This year's Sharks definitely have the potential to win a USCL Championship.

Happily, my optimism was borne out by our start to the season: The Sharks are 2-0, with wins over defending champion Dallas and Chicago. Soon (hopefully before the next match!) I'll discuss the Week 2 win.

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Benjamin Vergani said...

I'd like to see the Lopez win over Ludwig annotated by the winner. That game was tragi-comic.